The slow runner and queen of the snot rockets.

I started running in high school because it was the only thing I could do without embarrassing herself in high school PE.  During college, I started running “for fun” with some house mates (they were all athletes).  After college, the beach life ruled and running fell by the wayside.  Upon moving to Greensboro, casual, occasional running started coming and going from my life. But, in 2008 or so, Katie decided that running need to become a bigger part of her life.

In 2010, I started training with Marisa Carter of Evolve Multisport with Melanie and Kathy.  The WooHoo Girls were born. 🙂

For the first year of serious running, training worked well and I grew faster and felt stronger with each race.  Then, at the start of 2011 training, I started having trouble.  I would get nauseous when I ran and just couldn’t keep my paces.  After two sinus infections in less than 6 months, I sought the help of a specialist.  In August 2011, I was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma.  I continue to have issues with this even after allergy shots and more rounds of antibiotics.  It’s been a hard road, but I’m sticking with it. No matter how much time I have to spend walking while my doctor helps me resolve these issues. I’m lucky to have a group of friends to run with that don’t mind waiting around at the end of a long run for me to finish up.

In the second half of 2012, I’m looking forward to running with the WHC in the Blue Ridge Relay and in Kiawah in December for my second marathon.



5K – Greensboro Gobbler 2010 – 27:47

10K – Cooper River Bridge Run 2010 – 59:16

Half-Marathon – OBX Marathon – 2:14:47

Marathon – Bank of America Marathon – 5:27:13


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